Quench Your Customer’s Thirst With High-Quality Lemonade Products From Bill’s Lemonade

Bill’s Lemonade Offers The Right Equipment To Easily Make Fresh Squeezed, Bubbler, and Frozen Lemonade

Fresh Lemonade Program

The Bill’s Fresh Lemonade program is made up of two pieces of heavy duty equipment made for high volume use. What makes Bill’s Lemonade so good and sought after is our proprietary Bill’s Sugar Blend. In today’s world, your customers want a quality beverage, but also one that is not high in calories. A 32 oz Bills Lemonade is Low in Sugar and only 80 calories! Best of all Bill’s Sugar Blend dissolves instantly.

Bubbler Lemonade Program

Bill’s Bubbler Lemonade was developed for businesses that wanted to serve a lemonade that taste good, or has that fresh squeezed flavor without having to buy, cut and squeeze Lemons.

Now, It has never been so simple. Just fill our easy to use mixing jugs with water and add a package of our Bill’s Bubbler Lemonade mix. That’s it! Then shake and pour into your dispensing unit. One of the reasons we recommend using a Bubbler or Fountain dispenser is because it keeps Bill’s Lemonade Cold, between 35 and 41 Degrees. Bill’s Bubbler Lemonade uses REAL Lemonades in our mix and once it is mixed with water it has a 13% juice content and has to be kept cold. What makes Lemonade taste so good is serving it ice cold.

Frozen Lemonade Program

Bill’s Frozen Lemonade Products are the best tasting frozen lemonade that you will ever have! Why? Because the flavor comes from 100% real lemons and real Strawberry’s for the Bill’s Strawberry Lemonade. Even better yet, a 17oz serving is only 100 calories and Low in Sugar.



Bill’s Lemonade Fresh Squeezed Lemonade At Home Kit

The Bill’s Fresh Squeezed Lemonade At Home Kit is a convenient and easy way to make a state fair lemonade right in the convenience of your home or for a celebration or party. This kit includes all the ingredients you need to make the best lemonade ever! All you need to add are lemons, ice, and water. Detailed instructions are included or use the QR Code for a video on how to make the best fresh squeezed lemonade. Even a beginner can make the BEST fresh squeezed lemonade they have ever tasted!

With our At Home Kit, you can enjoy the taste of freshly squeezed lemonade without the hassle of juicing lemons yourself.

Better yet, make it an Adult Beverage and add your favorite alcoholic spirit and make it a HARD Lemonade!