Bubbler Lemonade

Everything you need to start making profits!

Bill’s Bubbler Lemonade was developed for businesses that want to serve a lemonade that tastes good or has that fresh squeezed flavor without having to buy, cut and squeeze lemons. Available in both Classic Lemon and Strawberry Lemonade flavors, this premix system is made with 100% REAL fruit (13% juice content). Best of all, it’s LOW in sugar with only 100 calories in a 30 oz. serving. For just three cents per ounce you can deliver a delicious fresh tasting lemonade that’s sure to make your customers return for more.

Bubbler Lemonade
Low Sugar - Low Calories

Preparation is easy as 1, 2, 3!

It has never been so simple. Just fill our easy-to-use mixing jugs with water. Add a package of our Bill’s Bubbler Lemonade Mix. Shake and pour into your dispensing unit. That’s it!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Bill’s Bubbler Lemonade program offers you everything you need to start making profit serving delicious fresh tasting lemonade.

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Bubbler Lemonade Nutrition Facts

Keep it cold!

What makes lemonade taste so good is serving it ice cold! One of the reasons we recommend using a Bubbler or Fountain dispenser is because it keeps Bill’s Lemonade COLD between 35 and 41 Degrees. Bill’s Bubbler Lemonade uses REAL fruit in our mix. Once it is mixed with water, it has a 13% juice content and has to be kept cold. Our precision-engineered machines are constructed for heavy- duty commercial use, ensuring that your lemonade is always delivered ice cold! They are also a powerfully effective visual display to sell more of your Bill’s Lemonade.

Turn existing bubbler drink equipment into a profit generator with our products. If you already have bubbler drink equipment, Bill’s Bubbler Lemonade will work!

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